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Dr. Hashemian performs brow lifts, also known as forehead lifts, to raise eyebrows and reduce ridges and furrows on the forehead, creating a smoother, more youthful appearance. This procedure reverses the effects of gravity and tightens the soft tissues of the forehead to restore a more youthful contour to your forehead skin, upper eyelids and eyebrows. If a sagging brow inhibits your facial expression, an eyebrow lift is a time-tested method for rejuvenating the upper third of your face. Every year, thousands of people undergo successful brow-lift surgery and are pleased with the results.

What We Fix

Brow lifts reposition low or sagging brows which hang over the upper eyelid which makes the eyebrows look more alert and youthful in their position. This in turn helps you look happier, friendlier, and overall more approachable. However, brow lifts do not improve baggy eye lids or crow’s feet. These may be rectified through a procedure known as blepharoplasty.

People who suffer from the outside of their brow sagging and creating a sad expression or the central portion sagging and creating an angry expression are both excellent candidates for a brow lift. A brow lift aimed at fixed those sagging areas could remove those sad or angry expressions. Excess eyelid skin, droopy upper eyelids, and droopy eyebrows commonly occur in the same patient. It is not possible to achieve a good aesthetic and functional result unless all three problems are addressed.


During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve. Dr. Hashemian will evaluate you as a candidate for brow lift and clarify what a brow lift can do for you. Once he understands your goals he may suggest additional or related procedures. It is important to be completely honest during the consultation. Also, bring pictures of yourself at an earlier age; they may serve as a good point of reference for discussing your goals.

Questions you may be asked include:

  • Do you have any medical conditions or drug allergies? Are you being treated for any medical conditions?
  • Have you had any previous surgeries?
  • What are your current medications and vitamin and herbal supplements?
  • What is your current use of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs?
  • What is your history with any noninvasive cosmetic procedures?
  • What outcome do you expect from the surgery? What is your chief motivation in undergoing brow-lift surgery?

The brow lift involves Dr. Hashemian makes a long incision across the forehead, either around the hairline or in one of the creases of the forehead, and lifts the skin away from the underlying tissues. Then he loosens muscles and removes fat or any excess skin before pulling the remaining skin down, and stitches the brow into its new position.

Postoperative Information

Dr. Hashemian will discuss with you how long it will be before you can return to your normal level of activity and work. After surgery, you and your caregiver will receive detailed instructions about your post-surgical care. This information will include how to care for your incisions, normal symptoms you will experience afterwards, and any potential signs of complications. It is vitally important that you follow all patient care instructions provided and that you realize that the amount of time it takes for recovery varies greatly among individuals.

Immediately Following Surgery

Immediately after your brow lift placing ice or cold packs around the eyes for forty-eight hours to reduce the swelling and help prevent any bleeding. It is best to sleep with your back and head elevated for approximately five to seven days. It is possible you will be asked to come back to the office a day or two after surgery so he can evaluate your healing. People who receive brow lifts do not typically suffer from any significant pain problems. However, some discomfort and tightness may be felt from ear to ear across the top of the head and brow. Most patients describe their forehead as feeling tight and somewhat numb the night of surgery. Temporary bruising, swelling, and numbness are common the first night after surgery. Maximum swelling occurs forty-eight to seventy-two hours post-surgery and begins to subside on the fourth or fifth post-operative day.

Days After

You may need to go to the bathroom frequently because of the IV fluids you were given during your surgery. Drink plenty of fluids to keep up with the fluid loss. As your body begins to balance itself, it will rid itself of this extra ‘water weight’ and return to normal. Bruising from a brow lift appears less in the brow than in neighboring areas. As a result, any bleeding usually collects below the eyelids and bruises the lower lids, even if the lower lids are not operated on. Bruising usually peaks on the third to fifth day and resolves over two to three weeks. Showering and bathing are permitted the next day after surgery. Use hair conditioner to help wash and clean hair that became matted or knotted during surgery. Be cautious when applying hot water, hair dryers, and combs; your scalp will be numb, so they may damage your skin and/or hair.

Your sutures or staples will be removed approximately one week after surgery. During the first week of recovery, you should move and be mildly active, including going for walks to aid circulation in your lower extremities. However, do not attempt heavy lifting or strenuous activity. You can resume driving when you are able to drive as well as you did before surgery. You need to be able to brake, respond, and turn quickly. When these conditions are met, you may resume driving, typically in the second or third week after surgery. You may be able to return to work within a week and to full activity within a few weeks, but you must avoid heavy lifting or straining during this time. Sensation in your scalp may be temporarily reduced. The feeling will begin to return over the first few weeks after surgery and your scalp will begin to feel ‘itchy’ as the nerves reawaken.

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